Two Dope Blogs (In Addition to Rentology 101)

As a responsible adult you know to go to more than one place when seeking research and wisdom on apartment living. In keeping with that spirit, here are two additional renting blogs I think are pretty swell.


What is My First Apartment all about: “Since 2006, we have blogged about everything “first apartment”, from lease negotiations to interior decorating advice, from cooking tips to dealing with problem roommates, from medicine cabinet must-haves to negotiating a deal on your first mattress, always with special emphasis on smart money management.”

Why I like My First Apartment? It speaks to us. Us being young adults in search of our first apartments. The blog covers everything from moving, budgeting, decorating, cleaning, and living in an apartment. It is nicely organized, easily navigated, and chockfull of useful information. In many ways it is what I hope to grow Rentology 101 into.

Do I have a recommended post from My First Apartment? You betcha! Ever wonder how far you’ll be able to stretch that hourly job at the rec center or the library? Now you’ll know with My First Apartment’s “How Much Rent Can I Afford on My Hourly Pay?.” This helpful post provides a detailed breakdown of the rent you’ll be able to afford based on your pay/hour and the amount of hours you work per week.

Apartment guide blog

What is Apartment Guide Blog about: “The Apartment Guide Blog is your premier source for all things apartment related. From your initial search to your next move and everything in between, we’ve got you covered with all the tips, tricks and advice you’re looking for. We also sprinkle in a little industry news like rental trends and city lists from time to time if that’s your thing.”

Why I like Apartment Guide Blog? It’s comprehensive. While it doesn’t specifically speak to our demographic, the content it provides is transferrable across all age lines. It also keeps up with trends and current events happening in different regions and cities across the U.S.

Do I have a recommended post from My First Apartment? You betcha! As a college student, there is a good chance you will be moving right from student housing to your new apartment. Apartment Guide Blog has a useful post on how to make this short move more efficiently with “Tips For Moving a Short Distance.”

Have you come across other apartment/renting blogs you like? Tell me about them with a comment below.


2 thoughts on “Two Dope Blogs (In Addition to Rentology 101)

  1. I didn’t have too much trouble finding my first apartment, but I also went through the process with three of my close friends. Luckily for me, they handled most of the work of the process. I didn’t even go on initial tour of the apartment that we ended up leasing.

    That said, if I had been forced to go through this process alone, I would have probably been in way over my head. Blog posts like this would have been really useful to help me find resources to help. Thanks!


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